Terry “Bubba” Rewis Update #1

Finding those responsible for Terry’s murder has been quite a journey. There is now an updated timeline, that I will include below, plus several pieces of crucial information given by witnesses that have come forward. As always, those who have shared their information and given statements will remain completely anonymous. I will also include information about those responsible and point out certain aspects that show that this is indeed a homicide case.

Updated timeline of Terry’s final hours

~April 20, 2002 @ 12:30-1:30pm- Terry, along with James Kirby, stop to clean up, change clothes and head to the Redbreast Festival.

~2:00pm- They arrive at the festival and Terry meets up with his girlfriend.

~5:30pm- Terry’s girlfriend leaves the festival to go to work. She has verified that Terry had his cellphone, backpack and gold cross necklace in his possession.

~8:30pm- Terry calls Jessica Taylor to confirm their plans after the festival.

~9:30pm- Terry and James Kirby fight. Several witnesses have come forward about seeing the fight and corroborate the fact that both gentlemen were asked to the leave the festival. Terry begins walking down Hwy 56 at this time.

~10:30pm- Witnesses see Terry walking near the little country store on Hwy 56 in Summertown.

~11:00-11:30pm- Terry is picked up by several men in a pickup truck. A fight begins, with Terry being outnumbered by absolute cowards, and lasts for a couple miles in the back of the truck. Finally, as Terry is getting the upper hand on them, they panic and throw him over the side of the truck as it is speeding down the highway. The driver then proceeds to back up over Terry, while his belongings are collected, and then speeds forward striking him again.

~April 21, 2002 @ 12 midnight- The past foster brother goes home crying to his mom about what he has been an accomplice to. He spends his time panicking and making phone calls about Terry’s murder.

~1:30am- Terry’s girlfriend is informed of his death and picked up from work. She is told nothing other than “Terry was in an accident and has died”.

~3:00am- The past foster brother calls Jessica Taylor. He informs her that Terry has been in an accident and has passed away. Jessica begins making phone calls to hospitals and such trying to find Terry to validate the previous phone call.

~6:30am- Terry’s body is finally discovered (7-7 1/2 hours AFTER his murder). Two hunters come upon Terry’s body in the middle of Hwy 56 and call 911.

~6:52am- Terry is pronounced dead at the scene.

~9:30am- The first family member (Terry’s sister, Jeannie) is informed of his death.

It seems that at least 6 cowards possibly had a hand in this. I’ve given each of the gentlemen a lovely nickname since their actual names haven’t been publicly released yet.

1. Mr. Foster Brother- This one has major jealousy issues. He has spent his life walking in the shadows of others, especially Terry. He likes to lie and brag about things he’s never done. He has a very hard time keeping a partner and feels everyone owes him something. He has actually been spoken to about Terry’s murder and came up with a whopping 3 lies in less than 5 minutes! The last thing he wanted to say about Terry’s murder was, “Just let the damn dead stay dead, in the ground and gone.” Sound likes a lovely person huh?

2. Mr. BM – No, it doesn’t stand for ‘bowel movement’. Although, he does remind me of a piece of shit. This guy likes to be in charge. He wants women to bow down to him and the men to fear him. He has had a history of abuse against women and some of those women have bravely come forward to discuss their experiences. He also took it upon himself, along with Mr. Chauffeur, to run one of Terry’s friends off the road one night after making several threatening phone calls.

3. Mr. Chauffeur- This one here likes to pretend he did nothing wrong. He thinks that he can lay low for almost two decades and this will “just go away”. I mean, all he did was drive…right? Wrong, he’s absolutely wrong. He’s gotten quite comfortable over the years pretending this was swept under the rug. But little does he know, people have come forward with his name and his laid back life is going to take a drastic turn!

4. Mr. Teardrop Transgressor- This guy…this damn guy. I almost have to giggle at this one. He likes to pretend he’s a good guy that just happens to make bad decisions. He also likes to make threatening phone calls thinking that’ll stop this case from moving forward and getting arrests made. Ha! He talks a tough game and inks himself up so he looks intimidating.

5. Mr. Pretend Patriarch- This idiot pretends to “help” with information while thinking that lending assistance will throw you off. He plays the daddy role like he actually has a heart and cares for other human beings, but he really only cares about himself. He even throws other people under the bus in order to attempt to clear his name.

6. Mr. Stock Car- This one here has been quiet. He has burned a few bridges and tried to keep to himself in hopes that distance will keep him out of a case file. It hasn’t worked though. He is a fighter who doesn’t mind throwing the first punch and always insists on throwing the last. He hopes his reputation will hinder anyone asking questions and such. That hasn’t worked either though.

I guess Mr. Teardrop Transgressor doesn’t mind admitting he’s a drunk and a fool.
Seems like Mr. Foster Brother likes to live in denial about his own lying issues. But I guess being a narcissist makes him point out other people’s faults and not his own!
Here’s where the jealousy and pity party come in for Mr. Foster Brother

Here are some maps to provide you with a better visual than what was in the last post. My drawing skills are horrible, so I figured this time it would be better to actually print out a map and add pins so you could get a better idea of where this happened, the short distance covered during this tragedy and how close to Terry’s body these cowards lived at the time.

The top point shows the location of the Redbreast Festival. The middle point shows the location of the country store where Terry was last seen alive. The bottom point shows where Terry’s body was found.
The red pins represent where the cowards lived at that time in 2002. The green pin is where Terry was found. Kinda morbid when you think how close they all were while he was lying dead in the middle of the highway huh?

Facts to prove this was murder:

1. The assault and conversation in the months preceding Terry’s death- As you may recall from the first post, Terry was assaulted a few months before he died. He was walking to his sister’s house when someone pulled up along side him and threw a bottle that caused a severe laceration to his head. As he was being tended to, Terry told his sister about the possibility of people coming after him and killing him. He wanted her to know that whatever happens would NOT be an accident.

2. Terry’s “final goodbye” to his friends- The weekend before his murder was a somber time. Terry spent an evening expressing his gratitude to his friends for always being there for him and making him feel loved. He wanted them to know they were important to him and that he cherished his time with them. I firmly believe that he knew something bad was going to take place soon. He had to have an idea of the tragedy waiting around the corner.

3. The updated timeline- The new timeline has much more information and fills in the time throughout that final night. Mr. Foster Brother still plays a huge role. The fact that he knew of Terry’s murder and began telling people immediately puts him right in the middle of the crime. He actually began telling people 7-7 1/2 hours before Terry’s body was even found!

4. The missing items- Terry always had his cellphone, backpack and gold cross necklace with him. These items were missing from the crime scene. Now, riddle me this…how many times have you heard of a hit and run happening where the driver stops their vehicle, backs up and collects items off the deceased? Go ahead, I’ll wait……… Yea, I’ve never heard of it either. This wasn’t just some hit and run. Someone didn’t accidentally hit Terry Rewis, stop his/her car and steal items off his dead body. Hit and run offenders hit someone and take off immediately. This was a murder and those involved took these items before hitting him with the truck and leaving. They thought he had money in the backpack, wanted to remove anything that may contain evidence from the fight and figured the cellphone would have incriminating calls or text messages.

5. 6 POI’s (persons of interest) + witness statements- Throughout the course of this investigation, I’ve gathered evidence and statements that show six cowardly men were involved in Terry’s murder. These men have inhaled fresh air for almost two decades without a thought of the crime they committed all those years ago. And another thing that bothers me is the fact that some individuals close to them have known all these years and never came forward to do the right thing.

6. Mr. Teardrop Transgressor has gotten a little worried and antsy now that his involvement has been brought out in the open. He has called Terry’s sister, Jeannie, just to let her know he’s around. He and another convict even tried the tactic of calling Jeannie with an elaborate story to attempt to make her throw in the towel. I guess when the going gets tough the cowards try and scare others into silence.

7. Location, motive and opportunity- As you can see on the map, location played a key role here. They were all in the area and with the festival going on, all were pretty much together. Motive is simple. Jealousy took over two of them, one was mad because he didn’t get his way and they all loved to fight. Opportunity was all too easy with the festival going on as well. Terry left walking down Hwy 56 and it was well know he walked everywhere he went. Finding him wouldn’t have been hard to do by any means. Mr. BM simply rounded up his posse of losers and went after Terry without a second thought.

As we approach the 18th year of this wicked murder, I hope all the knowledge gained in this case will soon bring complete closure to Terry’s family. Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Terry’s mother. She is still suffering and yearns for the day those responsible will be put behind bars and her son is finally set free.

As always, please feel free to call or message with any information you may have related to Terry’s murder. I can promise that you will stay anonymous.

To those responsible: I can also make you a promise. I promise that your day is coming. I refuse to give up and let you continue living outside those steel bars.

Morgan Lane (912) 349-9844

Lead Investigator David McVey (478) 237-7526

Timmothy Pitzen

Timmothy Pitzen

Timmothy Pitzen was born on October 18, 2004 in Aurora, Illinois. He was taken on May 11, 2011. James Pitzen, Timmothy’s father, dropped him off at Greenman Elementary School that morning. A short time later Amy Fry-Pitzen, his mother, checked him out claiming a family emergency. The mother/son duo went on a 3-day excursion visiting amusement parks and such. At the end of this spontaneous trip, Amy was found dead of self inflicted wounds with a note that would shock and confuse everyone.

Amy Fry-Pitzen and Timmothy Pitzen

Around 8:30 am on May 11, 2011 Amy checked her son out of school, explaining that there was a family emergency. That turned out to be false. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RNbiIFC4zX4. (Footage of Amy picking up Timmothy at school) She then dropped off her car at a mechanic shop around 10am. An employee of the shop took Amy and Timmothy to the Brookfield Zoo. She returned around 3pm to pick up her car. From there, the two went to the KeyLime Cove Resort in Gurnee.

On May 12 they were spotted on hotel surveillance at the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AE_xviac6K0. (Hotel surveillance showing Amy and Timmothy) The pair were also seen on camera in a check-out line around 10am. The following day would be the last time Timmothy was seen.

Hotel footage of Amy and Timmothy

On May 13, Amy called her mother and brother-in-law between 12-1:30pm. She explained that they were both safe and that no one should worry. Of course by now they have been reported missing by James Pitzen. It was speculated that the couple’s marriage was tense and maybe she was taking some time away. Her cellphone pinged northwest of Sterling, near Route 40 (about 130 miles from Wisconsin Dells). Timmothy was heard in the background saying that he was hungry. For some unknown reason, Amy never called James.

Here is where I noticed a worrisome time gap. Amy is seen on camera at 7:25pm, alone, at a Family Dollar in Winnebago buying paper, a pen and envelopes. The distance from Sterling to Winnebago is about 40 miles. She is then spotted at 8:00pm at Sullivan’s Food Store, also without Timmothy.

Amy entering Sullivan’s Food store

Around 11:15pm, she checks into the Rockford Inn at Rockford. On May 14, around 12:30pm, a hotel maid found Amy’s body. She had taken an excessive amount of antihistamine medication and slit her wrists and throat. She left a note apologizing for the mess she had made. The most shocking and confusing part of the note was her claim that Timmothy was safe with people who would care for him and that he would never be found.

This investigation is quite confusing. She traveled over 600 miles during this crazy trip and left little to go on. Her 2004 Ford Expedition gave small clues, but not enough to find little Timmothy.

Amy’s 2004 Ford Expedition

Inside the SUV was a significant blood stain that matches Timmothy but it was not fresh. A family member told law enforcement that Timmothy had a bad nosebleed within the last month and that he had them frequently. The outside of the SUV revealed vegetation that held small clues. Police were lead to areas where Queen Anne’s lace and black mustard plants grew. They searched Whiteside County and Lee County, located in northwest Illinois, but came up empty handed.

Her cell phone was turned in to law enforcement in 2013 but was actually found in 2011 off route 78. The woman that found the phone kept it on a shelf for two years and eventually gave it to her brother. When he turned the phone on, he recognized the contacts in the phone as being in relation to the Pitzen case.

Amy had an I-PASS for tollbooth use. That account showed that she had made two separate trips, one in February and one in March, to the exact hotel she died in and the locations along the way of her final trip with her son. This information has lead law enforcement to believe she planned the whole thing.

Timmothy Pitzen with his father, James Pitzen

But what happened to Timmothy from the afternoon of the 12th to before 7pm on the 13th? What did she do? Who could she have left him with, if she really did that? Many theories have circulated in this case. Family and friends do not believe she would ever harm Timmothy. But then where is he? Timmothy’s father still holds tight to hope that he is alive somewhere. If you have any knowledge of his whereabouts, please contact the number at the bottom of the poster below. Let‘s bring Timmothy Pitzen home!

Poster from Rapid Search and Rescue

Conrad Roy III

Tragedy struck the Roy family of Mattapoisett, Massachusetts on July 13, 2014.  Lynn and Conrad Roy were facing one of every parent’s worst fears.  Their son was missing.  Then another fear became reality… their son was dead.  Conrad Roy III had committed suicide.

Conrad Roy III graduated from Old Rochester Regional High School with a 3.88 GPA.  He also earned his captain’s license from Northeast Maritime Institute.  Roy had been accepted to Fitchburg State University and planned on attending with his best friend.  He was an excellent, all-around athlete.  He played football, baseball, rowed crew and ran track.  He worked with his father, grandfather and uncle for Tucker-Roy Marine Towing and Salvage, Inc.  It seems that he had everything going for him, right?  It seems like the life of a normal teenager.  So, what happened?  What was hiding just under the surface?

There seems to be a bit of a troubled past dealing with depression and a hospitalization for an acetaminophen overdose in October of 2012, according to an article I found. This same article talks about the relevance of a domestic violence document dealing with Roy’s parents in 2011, before their divorce.  

Conrad Roy III met Michelle Carter in Naples, Florida while on vacation in 2012.  Their relationship consisted of text messages and phone calls.  I’m a little confused about their relationship though.  They lived about 35-40 miles apart and only met up in person a couple of times after they met on vacation.  It seems odd to me.  Michelle Carter, if I’m not mistaken, claims a 2 year relationship, but I’ve read quotes from Roy’s mother and best friend that they didn’t know her or know of an ongoing relationship.   In my opinion, the relationship doesn’t add up.  You’ve got Carter claiming a 2 year “relationship” and Roy’s best friend not knowing about her… hmmm.  An article from the Boston Herald (https://www.bostonherald.com/2015/03/01/teens-family-girl-is-not-the-villain/) states that friends interviewed by police described Michelle as someone who “requires a lot of attention” and “has a history of being the ‘girl who cried wolf'”.

Let’s look at July 12, 2014, the day before his body was found.  He spent the day with his family at the beach.  An article on masslive.com states there have been two stories about that day at the beach.  One story is that the day went fine and Roy spent quality time with family.  He walked the beach with his mother discussing college and other future plans.  Another story, given by Roy’s mother to New York Magazine, states that Roy was distracted and more interested in texting than speaking with her.  It was discovered later that he had been texting Michelle Carter.  According to those text messages, Carter was urging Roy to end his life.  It appears that Roy had second thoughts about ending his life, but Carter just wouldn’t let it go.  Texts from Carter state, “You said you were gonna do it.  Like I don’t get why you aren’t.  So I guess you aren’t going to do it then.  All that for nothing.”.   Here’s messages I found from deadstate.org (https://deadstate.org/here-are-the-disturbing-texts-from-michelle-carter-pressuring-her-boyfriend-to-commit-suicide/

Carter acted as if she was devastated about losing Conrad. She was so consumed by her grief and sadness that she enjoyed her prom and visited Disney World. (I promise I’m rolling my eyes so hard at the moment!) Anyway, as the investigation unraveled, it was brought to light Michelle’s role in Conrad’s suicide. Carter opted for a bench trial. A bench trial is when a judge, not a jury, would decide the punishment. She was convicted in 2017 of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to 15 months with 5 years probation. She was just released, 3 months early, for her good behavior. One of the conditions in her release is that she cannot profit from her story.


My personal opinion about this case probably won’t mean much to most but I like adding my two cents worth anyway! Michelle Carter, in my opinion, is an attention-seeking monster. She met Conrad while they were both on vacation with their families and decided right then and there that she had found a “puppet”. She took the next two years, sending thousands and thousands of text messages, grooming him for his death. Conrad had dealt with depression in the past and did have a suicidal past…BUT he was doing better and making progress. Carter came along and seemed to enjoy pulling strings and calling the shots. The constant messages to Conrad demanding that he commit suicide and the “effort” to help his family find him afterward proves she’s evil as hell. She posted so many “sad” updates on social media and arranged little remembrance events for him…all the while knowing she was the one who convinced him to take his own life. Serving 12 months has taught her NOTHING, in my opinion. She’s going to go on with her life. She’s going to have all the experiences in her life that she stripped from Conrad. It’s completely ridiculous that her punishment wasn’t more severe. We have to have more consequences for crimes like this.

With that said, I implore anyone dealing with sadness and/or suicidal thoughts to seek help. Please talk to someone. Talk with a trusted friend and/or adult or call a hotline. There are resources available! You matter! Don’t let others make you feel “less than”.

National Suicide Hotline- 1-800-273-8255 or text ANSWER to 839863

Text HELLO to 741741 for Crisis help

Click this link for hotlines for any and all situations- https://psychcentral.com/lib/common-hotline-phone-numbers/

Travis Eric Smith-aka Eric Waters

Eric Smith, of Portal, GA, went missing on the evening of December 20, 2019. His best friend, Justin Smith, had dropped him off, according to one of Justin’s comments, at Tanner Lanier’s place of residence. That’s the last time Justin saw his best friend.

Justin Smith has searched relentlessly and set up community searches for Eric during this time. He has searched woods, creeks, dirt roads etc. He’s even had his life put in incredible danger. A couple of weekends after Eric’s disappearance, Justin and his wife were out looking for Eric when they passed Tanner Lanier’s house. They couldn’t have imagined the horrible events that would unfold at that time. Lanier decided to chase Justin and his wife down with his truck, ram their vehicle and fire shots at them. Lanier was arrested and released on bond. A few days later, Lanier was arrested again on multiple drug charges and again, let out on bond.



Ms. Frankie Waters was told her son was last seen around the area of Westside Rd and David Colley Rd. He was reportedly with another man and helping someone with a vehicle that had broken down. Ms. Waters says that BCSD (Bulloch County Sheriff’s Department) knows of audio recordings and screenshots of people discussing what actually happened to her son, Eric. ~~refer to article above

All updates and complete background will be added as I get them.

If you have information relating to Eric’s disappearance please don’t hesitate to call the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Department. 912-764-8888


Justice for Jonathan Swierski

Photo obtained from Dawn Swierski

July 6, 2019 marked the beginning of a dark and tragic rollercoaster for the Swierski family. They received the devastating news that their son, Jonathan, had been shot and killed.

Jonathan, age 20, is described by all as a loving son, loyal friend, great football player, protective big brother and hard worker. He was dedicated to the ROTC program and had plans to join the military. Jonathan worked with his father, Mr. Scott Swierski, daily. Mr. Swierski loved working side by side with his son and had plans of passing down his business to Jonathan one day.

Photo provided by Dawn Swierski

His mother, Mrs. Dawn Swierski, cherished every moment with her son. She still shared precious mother/son moments with Jonathan, like cutting his hair. She was very proud of the young man Jonathan had become and had high hopes for his future.

Photo provided by Dawn Swierski

Jonathan also had a special bond with his little sister, who he lovingly called his “baby girl”. He absolutely adored her and spent as much time as possible with her. He proved to be very protective of her and even wrote of her frequently in his journal at school.

Photo provided by Dawn Swierski

But everything changed on that dreadful night in July. Their lives were turned upside down and inside out.

On the night of July 6, 2019, Jonathan received a phone call from a friend saying that he was being threatened and a fight was about to happen. He asked Jonathan to come help. Being the loyal, loving friend he was, Jonathan immediately agreed to aid his friend. Jonathan explained the situation to his girlfriend, Lacey Horne, and two other buddies that were at his house at the time. All four decided to go help. Upon arriving at the Paces Pointe Apartment Complex, details get a little hazy.

Photo obtained from Fox 46 news report

According to Dawn Swierski, Jonathan spotted a guy at the playground of the complex. He exited the vehicle to approach the unknown man. As Jonathan was headed towards the playground, his girlfriend goes to the apartment of the friend that called for help. Jonathan’s friend that drove them there got out of the car with a loaded shotgun and a few extra shells in his pocket. (From here on he will be referred to as The Shooter)

Photo obtained by Fox 46 news report

As The Shooter approached the playground, Jonathan was already engaged in a fight with the unknown man. According to The Shooter’s 911 call, the stranger hit him and the gun went off.

Jonathan was shot at very close range in the chest. Law enforcement arrived on the scene and found Jonathan deceased.

North Carolina law states that pointing a gun and accidentally shooting someone is considered involuntary manslaughter. For reasons I don’t understand, Matthews PD declared Jonathan’s death an accident within a week or so even though the medical examiner ruled his death a homicide. The case was then turned over to the Mecklenburg County DA’s office.

The Swierski family felt a sense of hope in August 2019 when Brad Smith weighed in with his opinion. Smith, a Charlotte criminal defense attorney, reviewed the case and the 911 call. He stated, “There’s a large difference between what’s reckless and what’s an accidental act.”

Screenshot from Fox 46 interview

Getting hit again with gruesome news in September 2019 was hard on the Swierski family. The DA’s office made an announcement that no charges would be filed against The Shooter.

Dawn Swierski has reached out to several media outlets and such to get justice for her son. She has worked and fought so hard to bring this case to light. I stand with her in this fight! Bringing a loaded shotgun to a possible fist fight is absolutely reckless and irresponsible. If I’m not mistaken, the attorney, Mr. Smith, made a comment about the stranger on the playground hitting The Shooter could be charged too. And what about the so-called friend that called Jonathan over in the first place?? Instead of simply locking his apartment door or calling the police or perhaps handling his own battles…he called Jonathan. He didn’t, to my knowledge, leave his apartment to come help Jonathan. He was in his apartment avoiding all the mess while Jonathan was engaged in a fight and being shot. And what about other cases in North Carolina that ended in involuntary manslaughter? Why does this case get dismissed?

Clipping from Newspapers.com

Clipping from Newspapers.com

We will continue to fight for Jonathan. We will seek justice for this young man who was stripped from this world over reckless and irresponsible behavior.

Please show your support for Jonathan’s family on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/justiceforjonathan/?ref=share

Photo obtained from Dawn Swierski

President Trump vs. Chicago crime

According to President Trump’s tweet (such a weird word, to me!), he is fed up with the rising crime rate of Chicago.  He wrote, “If Chicago doesn’t fix the horrible ‘carnage’ going on, 228 shootings in 2017 with 42 killings (up 24% from 2016), I’ll send in the Feds!”

I have read comment after comment on social media and people are divided on this statement.  Some are for the help and some against it.  In my opinion, Chicago has been getting worse every year for while now.  I’m not saying other cities aren’t bad, but they don’t call Chicago “CHIRAQ” for nothing!  We are only 26 days into this year and already have over 40 killings there.  That’s a damn shame!

As of today, according to heyjackass.com, 45 have been shot and killed, 219 shot and wounded, 264 total shot and 46 total homicides.  Seriously?!?  If Chicago cannot get its crime under control, why not have assistance?  I know most are bringing up martial law and saying help would create a bigger mess.  Chicago is already a huge mess.  How about the National Guard?  I’m not trying to promote violence on violence, believe me.  But can you imagine what the citizens of Chicago must go through on a daily basis?  I’m guessing many live in fear and wish life could be less threatening.  And yes, you can bring up the fact that Chicago needs more jobs and such.  You can bring up the fact of low- income.  But I don’t see new jobs being able to become available until the killings stop.  Business owners are already struggling and have been struggling for years.  No one wants to be out and about in all that mess.  It’s hard to build up a city that is constantly tearing itself down.  What else should be done?  Should Chicago be left alone to continue their war on each other?  Should innocent children continue to be caught in the crossfire?  I’m interested to read what you think on this matter.

Here is a video I came across of the lovely sounds of Chicago when the sun goes down.