Cindy Lynch Mystery

Cindy Lynch

Cindy Lynch, by all accounts, was an absolute wonderful woman. She was a hard worker and owned the Bangles Salon located in Swainsboro, GA. She was a terrific mother, loving friend and all-around beautiful human being. She was living on a yacht in Thunderbolt, GA with her husband, Chet, at the Thunderbolt Marina. She seemed to have it all going for her, but on the evening of January 17, 2005 things changed dramatically.

Thunderbolt Marina

Cindy had a troubled marriage and confided as much to her close friends and family. She had also made statements expressing concern about her future. Cindy spoke of the ghastly feeling that something horrible was going to happen to her. What was going on behind closed doors to make her feel this way? Why was she so fearful? Her husband made a point to bring up her drinking on multiple occasions after her blood alcohol level was released. But did anyone question why she may have been drinking that night or why she even drank at all? I’m not saying she had an alcohol problem. I honestly don’t believe she had a problem; I believe she needed an escape from the hell she was living in. Let’s see what unfolded on that last evening.

On the evening of January 17, 2005, Cindy spent most of the evening on the phone. Here is the timeline I have and then we will discuss them.

6-8pm~Chet claims to have been on the phone with Connie, Cindy’s sister. 8:00pm~Cindy spoke with her sister, Connie, briefly. 8:15-8:45pm~Cindy and Chet had an argument. 9-9:45pm~Cindy made calls to her work colleague. 9:30pm~Chet claims he laid down. 10:10pm~Chet claims to have gone upstairs for water, close the door and go back to the bedroom. 9:55-11:18pm~Cindy was on an 83 minute call to a neighbor at the marina. 11:30pm~Security guard, at the marina, saw Cindy in the parking lot and Chet claims to have called her saying he was ready to go to bed. 1:00pm (the following day)~Chet reports Cindy missing.

Ok, so from 6-8pm, Chet was possibly on the phone with Connie. I haven’t personally spoken to Connie about that call so I’m not 100% sure what was said, but Chet has said he spoke of their marriage and their troubles. I will admit, it’s a little odd to me that he and her spoke that long about a subject that is normally between sisters. But I also have to add it’s understandable as well. Perhaps Connie was trying to mediate between them and help find a solution. Perhaps Chet was just venting and she was being a sweet sister-in-law. It’s totally possible.

Sometime between 8:00-8:15pm Cindy spoke with Connie about some rodeo tickets. At least, that’s what I was told…

The 8:15-8:45pm argument is key, in my opinion. I know all my questions and thoughts are speculation but one has to wonder all possible scenarios due to the tragedy that unfolded later that night. What did they argue about? Could he have been angered by something Connie said? Did she let something slip that Cindy told her? Did one or both of them accuse the other of something? Did they discuss divorce? Whatever was said and/or done in that 45 minutes led Cindy to leave the yacht and spend the rest of the evening away from it.

9-9:45pm Cindy made a call to her colleague. Here again, I haven’t personally spoken with neither the colleague nor her sister about the calls. (If either one of you are reading please feel free to reach out and clarify the calls and I’ll update this post for accuracy!) I’ve been told Cindy and her colleague spoke about an appointment that had been set for the following day. I was also informed that she had spoken earlier with Connie about personal issues within her marriage but I’m not sure if it was a call earlier that particular day. I don’t think the two spoke for 45 minutes but I’ll hopefully find out soon.

9:30pm and 10:10pm are questionable to me but…anyway, Chet claims to lay down at 9:30pm and get up at 10:10pm. He says he went upstairs to get a drink of water and noticed the door cracked open. He claims that he didn’t see Cindy so he shut the door, went back to the bedroom, talked on the phone and watched tv. This makes NO SENSE to me at all! The door is open and he didn’t look for his wife or call out for her? Why didn’t he go outside to find her? Why didn’t he call her right then? Who did he talk to when he went back downstairs? Did he really close that door and go back to the bedroom or did he go find Cindy? Could he have spied on her? Did he hear her conversation with her neighbor? There’s tons of possibilities here. One thing I know for sure….people always talk! I hope someone comes forward and tells what they know about that night.

At 11:18pm Cindy ends the phone call with her neighbor, Sam Phillis. I’m not sure his name is spelled correctly and I haven’t been able to locate him yet, but I’d love to know what they discussed. I’ve been told her colleague called twice during that call and I’m hoping to find out what Cindy said and how her tone was. But Sam, at the time, didn’t seem too honest about that phone call. I believe he told Cindy’s daughter he didn’t speak with her. I also think he claimed to have only spoken to Cindy for a few minutes and the laid the phone down. That makes zero sense and sounds like complete lie. Why lie? What was he hiding? Did he do anything wrong? Did he witness something? Why did they speak on the phone for 83 minutes and not in person? Was he on his yacht that night? Did they talk in person and just keep the call connected? There’s too many unanswered questions during that call!

At 11:30pm Chet says he called Cindy to ask what she was doing and say he was ready to go to bed. He says she told him that she took out the trash and was loading things into her car. Now explain to me how it took her that damn long to do those two things? Naw, she was staying away from him, in my opinion. There was a security guard who said he saw her in the parking lot at that time too. Now I haven’t heard any statements regarding anything negative or out of sorts about the guard seeing her. As far as I know, he never said she was acting strange. This is the last time anyone claims to have seen her.

January 18, 2005 at 1:00pm~ Chet reports his wife missing. Now why did it take him so long to report her missing? I don’t know. I have lots of thoughts and questions but I just don’t know. That day and the days that followed are so questionable to me. There’s things that simply don’t add up, make sense or leave you wondering how far down the rabbit hole this goes.

Chet Lynch-photo found on social media

During the search for Cindy, Chet made a call in reference to Cindy’s son needing to “come down quick because this wasn’t going to end good.” Many have questioned why he would make such a statement. Was it made because he already knew the outcome or was he simply assuming the worst because his wife had been gone that long with no contact? Chet also referred to her in the past tense during that first two weeks which left Cindy’s family wondering why he’d use that tense before she was even found. He also had his lawyer with him constantly from the beginning. That makes me wonder. Everyone knows that a spouse is always looked at first in situations like this and they’re constantly watched for changes in behavior and such. Having a lawyer present during a time like that, before the missing person has even been located, looks suspicious to many. I forgot to add that his daughter, Stacie, also referred to Cindy in the past tense before she was found. I know some say slips like that mean nothing, and maybe it doesn’t, but every detail matters in cases of missing and/or murdered.

A reader on a community board posted this comment the day she was found. There seemed to have been quite a few people that believed Chet was involved.
A quote from Chet’s daughter during an interview.

The search for Cindy lasted two weeks. No personal items, like purse or cell phone, were found during that time. The water was searched, nearby areas searched and her car was given a look. At 7:40pm on January 31, 2005, two weeks after being last seen, Cindy Lynch was pulled from the Wilmington River. Fred Beason, of the Bottom Line Echo Company, spotted Cindy. She was 35 feet from her own yacht…

Bottom Line Echo boat and equipment

35 FEET FOLKS! After two weeks of “searching”, she was found 35 feet from her own damn yacht! Can anyone riddle me that shit?! I’m sorry but it’s insanely questionable that she was that close plus all the other actions and words of certain people during those 2 weeks! Let me show you the area and you tell me your thoughts.

Im hoping I have this labeled correct. This is the google earth image of the marina and where law enforcement think she fell into the water.

Do I believe she fell into the water in a drunken stupor? NOPE! Even if she did, everyone I’ve spoken with (and myself) believe she could’ve made it back to the dock, even though Detective Bill Buttersworth stated her blood alcohol level was .30. I have issues with blood alcohol content measured 2 weeks after death and a body submerged in water. No, I’m not a doctor. But I know factors play a role in decomposition and a possible increase of alcohol in the tissues.

Regardless, the security guard heard nothing; no splashes, no yelling for help, nothing. There were reports of cuts and gashes to her hands and face. Now could that have happen in the water, I guess so. But it’s also possible those injuries happened prior to her going in the water as well. And how did she remain in the water for two weeks without being detected, being THAT CLOSE TO HER OWN YACHT???

In closing out this post, I obviously have more questions than answers. What happened to make Cindy fear for her life? What did she and her husband argue about that evening? Why didn’t he look for her sooner? Why did her neighbor lie and where the hell is he? How was she not found sooner? Why did her husband and step-daughter refer to her in the past tense? Why was Chet’s lawyer right there from the beginning? What did she and Sam, her neighbor, talk about? Was Chet on the yacht the whole time that night? Was there any video surveillance of the parking lot and dock? Anyway, dive in and let me know your thoughts. As always, if you know something please come forward! I’ll keep you anonymous. The case is officially closed and needs something drastic to come up to reopen it. I’ll stay on the case until her family gets actual answers! Thank y’all for reading and please let me know your thoughts!

The Murder of Vann Brown

Vann Brown was senselessly murdered at the age of 39 while attending a wedding and reception on Dec 31, 2019/Jan 1, 2020. The event was held at 1200 Woodrow Harper Rd in Ambrose, GA, which is the home of Jeffrey Harper. The cause of death is said to be asphyxiation resulting from multiple blunt force trauma. You may ask yourself, how does a wedding reception end with a murder and you wouldn’t be alone asking such a question. Weddings are supposed to be blissful and full of smiles and laughter. This one, however, turned ugly with lots of anger, intoxication and murder.

Due to the current trials of this case, the information I’ve received from eyewitnesses won’t be on this post, either at all or in their entirety. I do not want to compromise the trials and am hopeful justice will be served. After verdicts are rendered I’ll do an additional post to include everything I have. Please understand that I just want justice for Vann and have no intention of dangling anything over anyone’s head. With that being said, let’s get to it!

Vann was attending the reception of Travis and Sara Heidenreich. At some point, after midnight, Vann was supposedly ordered to leave the event. Evidence during Justin Anderson’s trial, an interview video of Justin and GBI Agent Seacrist, shows Justin saying that Kelli Harper, Jeffrey’s wife, was yelling for people to get Vann off her property. He stated that she was accusing Vann of groping girls and even flirting with her. Justin claimed that he, Jason Anderson and Cam Coffee escorted Vann up the hill some 200 yards to his truck. Within a short amount of time, Jeffrey Harper and others were storming towards Vann. Cam Coffee testified that Vann argued back with Jeffrey Harper and Morgan Lewis about halfway to his truck. Coffee claims that when Vann reached his truck he cussed and was reaching for his gun. He then threw Vann to the ground, causing an injury to himself that rendered him unable to walk at the time.

Now, I have to throw my two cents in here! No one I’ve spoken with has mentioned Vann being inappropriate at all during that evening. In fact, most people have mentioned the lack of clothing worn by the young women, the way those women were acting and the amount of alcohol Jeffrey Harper and several other men had consumed since around noon that day. How much and which statements are true? Decide for yourself. Here are a couple of still shots taken from the wedding video that is posted on YouTube and a picture retrieved off social media.

Vann Brown looking confused, in my opinion. It’s almost like he’s being accused of something. The woman he’s looking at resembles Kelli Harper, but I don’t know that for sure.
A still shot from the wedding video on YouTube. Vann is talking to a gentleman that I was told is possibly JP Harper. Again, I’m not 100% sure who Vann is speaking with.
Another still shot from the wedding video. A few watch as he walks away. Why? I have no idea. It just struck me as odd.
And another still shot. The guy in the white ball cap seems to be talking with someone as Vann looks on. I was told the woman standing next to Vann is Kelli Harper, but I honestly don’t know for sure.

Ok, so let’s get back to Vann being on the ground. According to the testimony of Annsley Coffee, someone came to the reception tent saying someone had been shot, possibly Cam Coffee. Naturally, she took off toward the scene. She said, upon arriving, Vann was on his back with Jeffrey Harper sitting on his torso. She also stated that Justin Anderson was holding Vann’s left arm down and Jason Anderson was holding his right arm down. There were, to her, two unknown men holding down Vann’s legs. As she got closer to Vann, she ordered everyone off him. She pushed Jeffrey Harper out of the way and knew immediately that Vann was dead. She claimed his pupils were dilated, no pulse and was blue in color. There was blood all around his head and Matt Lewis was carrying a bent baton.

Two cents time again! I’ve got to be careful here because I’ve been told and shown a great deal that gives me a pretty narrowed down timeline of these events. And if it hasn’t been released publicly, I don’t want to risk anything delaying or sabotaging the trials. Everyone knows Vann was short. Most of the men that have been arrested tower over him. Vann never got his hands on a gun. Never! Previous testimony proves that and Daniel Anderson, supposedly, got Vann’s gun and put it in his truck. Law enforcement retrieved it from his truck that night. (EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that I made a mistake! No excuse for it. I should’ve double checked facts! There was a gun retrieved from Daniel’s truck, but Kelli Harper actually turned over Vann’s gun to law enforcement.)So, with NO WEAPON, the assumed intention to leave the property and his size…it took 5 men to hold Vann down, beat him and ultimately cause his death??? “Excessive” doesn’t even begin to describe this horrible crime. And the bent baton?? Vann had two wounds to the top of his head caused by the baton. Matt Lewis testified that Justin Anderson told him to get rid of the baton. He took it to the woods and hid it under some pine straw. The following day Matt told law enforcement about the baton and what he did with it. So again, it took all these men to do this and claiming they only acted because he had a gun, that he in fact NEVER HAD? I just don’t buy it. I can’t. There’s more to it. There’s rumors going around and I have to tell ya, a couple of them kinda add up.

Matt Lewis plead guilty for hiding the baton. Charges were dropped on Jay Turk, which I don’t agree with. Justin Anderson was found not guilty of murder and aggravated assault and guilty of making false statements and tampering with evidence. I don’t agree with that verdict either!

Above are the mugshots of those arrested initially. Now, 911 was called at 12:50am. It was too late. Vann had already succumbed to the brutal hell he was put through in that short span of time. I don’t have much that I can share about the time after law enforcement arrived on scene except there seems to be a chunk of time the accused had to themselves instead of being hauled in immediately. I don’t think this was handled 100% professionally due to Harper’s name, his money and that good ol’ boy system. I think some people were held there until around 5am or so, including Vann’s body. But I have to say, the new development and arrest of Joey Anderson, the father of Justin and Jason, has eased my worries some. Mr Anderson attempted to tamper with the jury in his son’s trial.

The wedding video. Feel free to watch and pause frequently during the reception to look at everyone. Some things look odd…

I believe Jason Anderson’s trial is set for July 31st and Jeffrey Harper’s is set for August 29. I honestly hope for justice for Vann and his friends and family. They’ve been through hell and deserve closure.

At the end of the day, I’m glad there have been arrests made and trials underway. I just still think there’s more to this than Vann being accused of flirting and told to leave, tempers flared and tragedy unfolded. I wonder if there was something beforehand that happened and caused hostility. I’ll be sure to add an additional post in the future. And remember, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I’ve made no remarks about who I think is responsible for anything. I just stated that it doesn’t add up to me, I don’t agree wholeheartedly with dropped charges and the last verdict and I don’t understand it taking that many men to subdue one individual.

Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to speak with me. I really appreciate your help and dedication to Vann and his family.

Timmothy Pitzen

Timmothy Pitzen

Timmothy Pitzen was born on October 18, 2004 in Aurora, Illinois. He was taken on May 11, 2011. James Pitzen, Timmothy’s father, dropped him off at Greenman Elementary School that morning. A short time later Amy Fry-Pitzen, his mother, checked him out claiming a family emergency. The mother/son duo went on a 3-day excursion visiting amusement parks and such. At the end of this spontaneous trip, Amy was found dead of self inflicted wounds with a note that would shock and confuse everyone.

Amy Fry-Pitzen and Timmothy Pitzen

Around 8:30 am on May 11, 2011 Amy checked her son out of school, explaining that there was a family emergency. That turned out to be false. (Footage of Amy picking up Timmothy at school) She then dropped off her car at a mechanic shop around 10am. An employee of the shop took Amy and Timmothy to the Brookfield Zoo. She returned around 3pm to pick up her car. From there, the two went to the KeyLime Cove Resort in Gurnee.

On May 12 they were spotted on hotel surveillance at the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. (Hotel surveillance showing Amy and Timmothy) The pair were also seen on camera in a check-out line around 10am. The following day would be the last time Timmothy was seen.

Hotel footage of Amy and Timmothy

On May 13, Amy called her mother and brother-in-law between 12-1:30pm. She explained that they were both safe and that no one should worry. Of course by now they have been reported missing by James Pitzen. It was speculated that the couple’s marriage was tense and maybe she was taking some time away. Her cellphone pinged northwest of Sterling, near Route 40 (about 130 miles from Wisconsin Dells). Timmothy was heard in the background saying that he was hungry. For some unknown reason, Amy never called James.

Here is where I noticed a worrisome time gap. Amy is seen on camera at 7:25pm, alone, at a Family Dollar in Winnebago buying paper, a pen and envelopes. The distance from Sterling to Winnebago is about 40 miles. She is then spotted at 8:00pm at Sullivan’s Food Store, also without Timmothy.

Amy entering Sullivan’s Food store

Around 11:15pm, she checks into the Rockford Inn at Rockford. On May 14, around 12:30pm, a hotel maid found Amy’s body. She had taken an excessive amount of antihistamine medication and slit her wrists and throat. She left a note apologizing for the mess she had made. The most shocking and confusing part of the note was her claim that Timmothy was safe with people who would care for him and that he would never be found.

This investigation is quite confusing. She traveled over 600 miles during this crazy trip and left little to go on. Her 2004 Ford Expedition gave small clues, but not enough to find little Timmothy.

Amy’s 2004 Ford Expedition

Inside the SUV was a significant blood stain that matches Timmothy but it was not fresh. A family member told law enforcement that Timmothy had a bad nosebleed within the last month and that he had them frequently. The outside of the SUV revealed vegetation that held small clues. Police were lead to areas where Queen Anne’s lace and black mustard plants grew. They searched Whiteside County and Lee County, located in northwest Illinois, but came up empty handed.

Her cell phone was turned in to law enforcement in 2013 but was actually found in 2011 off route 78. The woman that found the phone kept it on a shelf for two years and eventually gave it to her brother. When he turned the phone on, he recognized the contacts in the phone as being in relation to the Pitzen case.

Amy had an I-PASS for tollbooth use. That account showed that she had made two separate trips, one in February and one in March, to the exact hotel she died in and the locations along the way of her final trip with her son. This information has lead law enforcement to believe she planned the whole thing.

Timmothy Pitzen with his father, James Pitzen

But what happened to Timmothy from the afternoon of the 12th to before 7pm on the 13th? What did she do? Who could she have left him with, if she really did that? Many theories have circulated in this case. Family and friends do not believe she would ever harm Timmothy. But then where is he? Timmothy’s father still holds tight to hope that he is alive somewhere. If you have any knowledge of his whereabouts, please contact the number at the bottom of the poster below. Let‘s bring Timmothy Pitzen home!

Poster from Rapid Search and Rescue

Conrad Roy III

Tragedy struck the Roy family of Mattapoisett, Massachusetts on July 13, 2014.  Lynn and Conrad Roy were facing one of every parent’s worst fears.  Their son was missing.  Then another fear became reality… their son was dead.  Conrad Roy III had committed suicide.

Conrad Roy III graduated from Old Rochester Regional High School with a 3.88 GPA.  He also earned his captain’s license from Northeast Maritime Institute.  Roy had been accepted to Fitchburg State University and planned on attending with his best friend.  He was an excellent, all-around athlete.  He played football, baseball, rowed crew and ran track.  He worked with his father, grandfather and uncle for Tucker-Roy Marine Towing and Salvage, Inc.  It seems that he had everything going for him, right?  It seems like the life of a normal teenager.  So, what happened?  What was hiding just under the surface?

There seems to be a bit of a troubled past dealing with depression and a hospitalization for an acetaminophen overdose in October of 2012, according to an article I found. This same article talks about the relevance of a domestic violence document dealing with Roy’s parents in 2011, before their divorce.  

Conrad Roy III met Michelle Carter in Naples, Florida while on vacation in 2012.  Their relationship consisted of text messages and phone calls.  I’m a little confused about their relationship though.  They lived about 35-40 miles apart and only met up in person a couple of times after they met on vacation.  It seems odd to me.  Michelle Carter, if I’m not mistaken, claims a 2 year relationship, but I’ve read quotes from Roy’s mother and best friend that they didn’t know her or know of an ongoing relationship.   In my opinion, the relationship doesn’t add up.  You’ve got Carter claiming a 2 year “relationship” and Roy’s best friend not knowing about her… hmmm.  An article from the Boston Herald ( states that friends interviewed by police described Michelle as someone who “requires a lot of attention” and “has a history of being the ‘girl who cried wolf'”.

Let’s look at July 12, 2014, the day before his body was found.  He spent the day with his family at the beach.  An article on states there have been two stories about that day at the beach.  One story is that the day went fine and Roy spent quality time with family.  He walked the beach with his mother discussing college and other future plans.  Another story, given by Roy’s mother to New York Magazine, states that Roy was distracted and more interested in texting than speaking with her.  It was discovered later that he had been texting Michelle Carter.  According to those text messages, Carter was urging Roy to end his life.  It appears that Roy had second thoughts about ending his life, but Carter just wouldn’t let it go.  Texts from Carter state, “You said you were gonna do it.  Like I don’t get why you aren’t.  So I guess you aren’t going to do it then.  All that for nothing.”.   Here’s messages I found from (

Carter acted as if she was devastated about losing Conrad. She was so consumed by her grief and sadness that she enjoyed her prom and visited Disney World. (I promise I’m rolling my eyes so hard at the moment!) Anyway, as the investigation unraveled, it was brought to light Michelle’s role in Conrad’s suicide. Carter opted for a bench trial. A bench trial is when a judge, not a jury, would decide the punishment. She was convicted in 2017 of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to 15 months with 5 years probation. She was just released, 3 months early, for her good behavior. One of the conditions in her release is that she cannot profit from her story.


My personal opinion about this case probably won’t mean much to most but I like adding my two cents worth anyway! Michelle Carter, in my opinion, is an attention-seeking monster. She met Conrad while they were both on vacation with their families and decided right then and there that she had found a “puppet”. She took the next two years, sending thousands and thousands of text messages, grooming him for his death. Conrad had dealt with depression in the past and did have a suicidal past…BUT he was doing better and making progress. Carter came along and seemed to enjoy pulling strings and calling the shots. The constant messages to Conrad demanding that he commit suicide and the “effort” to help his family find him afterward proves she’s evil as hell. She posted so many “sad” updates on social media and arranged little remembrance events for him…all the while knowing she was the one who convinced him to take his own life. Serving 12 months has taught her NOTHING, in my opinion. She’s going to go on with her life. She’s going to have all the experiences in her life that she stripped from Conrad. It’s completely ridiculous that her punishment wasn’t more severe. We have to have more consequences for crimes like this.

With that said, I implore anyone dealing with sadness and/or suicidal thoughts to seek help. Please talk to someone. Talk with a trusted friend and/or adult or call a hotline. There are resources available! You matter! Don’t let others make you feel “less than”.

National Suicide Hotline- 1-800-273-8255 or text ANSWER to 839863

Text HELLO to 741741 for Crisis help

Click this link for hotlines for any and all situations-

Travis Eric Smith-aka Eric Waters

Eric Smith, of Portal, GA, went missing on the evening of December 20, 2019. His best friend, Justin Smith, had dropped him off, according to one of Justin’s comments, at Tanner Lanier’s place of residence. That’s the last time Justin saw his best friend.

Justin Smith has searched relentlessly and set up community searches for Eric during this time. He has searched woods, creeks, dirt roads etc. He’s even had his life put in incredible danger. A couple of weekends after Eric’s disappearance, Justin and his wife were out looking for Eric when they passed Tanner Lanier’s house. They couldn’t have imagined the horrible events that would unfold at that time. Lanier decided to chase Justin and his wife down with his truck, ram their vehicle and fire shots at them. Lanier was arrested and released on bond. A few days later, Lanier was arrested again on multiple drug charges and again, let out on bond.

Ms. Frankie Waters was told her son was last seen around the area of Westside Rd and David Colley Rd. He was reportedly with another man and helping someone with a vehicle that had broken down. Ms. Waters says that BCSD (Bulloch County Sheriff’s Department) knows of audio recordings and screenshots of people discussing what actually happened to her son, Eric. ~~refer to article above

All updates and complete background will be added as I get them.

If you have information relating to Eric’s disappearance please don’t hesitate to call the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Department. 912-764-8888

Terry “Bubba” Rewis

Photo provided by Jeannie Ellis

Terry Rewis…How does one even begin to describe him? Are there even enough words to make people understand the simple yet complex life that he lived? I’ve had the incredible privilege of talking to his friends and family for quite a while now. Basically, to know Terry was to love Terry. He was one of those rare diamonds you were lucky enough to stumble upon, and that scarcity made you hold on to him for dear life every day thereafter.

Terry Brooks Rewis didn’t have a fairytale childhood. There were six children within this family and Terry’s parents divorced while his mother was pregnant with him. Terry’s mother struggled during her pregnancy, at one point living out of her car for a bit.

Terry’s siblings didn’t get to meet him until he was a little over a year old. He’s remembered as being a good baby, happy and chunky! He and his mother soon moved to Portal, Ga, which was closer to family.

Photo provided by Jeannie Ellis

Life didn’t quite gain structure and normalcy for Terry though. Around the age of 3, he and his mother were living with a friend of hers. One afternoon Terry’s mom left with an unknown gentleman. Terry was left in the care of her friend. As with any toddler, Terry was adventurous and curious. He wandered outside the home and into town. The stranger that found him claimed he was asking for him mother. It was at this point Terry was put into foster care.

Terry bounced around in foster care until the age of 13-14 years old. He stayed with his father and siblings for a bit, but decided that “structure” wasn’t for him. Terry had become a loner with a gypsy soul. Around the age of 16 he began living life on his own.

Photo provided by Jeannie Ellis

From the age of 16 on, Terry moved around from place to place. The one person he stayed with the most was Jessica, a dear friend of his. He kept his close friends near and dear to his heart but didn’t stay in one place long. He even hopped on a bus to Oklahoma at one point just for a change of scenery! He lived all over Georgia, coming and going as he pleased. He made money here and there doing construction work and always made time to visit and hang out with his close friends. He didn’t care much for possessions. All he ever carried were his green backpack (which held his drawings, cell phone, charger and a small amount of money) and a gold cross around his neck that he never removed.

I can’t mention Terry’s friends without telling you about Jessica Taylor. Jessica meant the world to Terry. She was his “safe place to land” whenever he needed down time or time to feel like he belonged. They loved each other through thick and thin, through time and distance and through those crazy teenage years! Jessica has been an amazing ally and friend throughout this entire process of getting to know Terry and understanding how he lived and died. I can’t thank you enough, Jessica, for putting up with me! All the calls, messages and countless questions from me haven’t gone unnoticed. Thank you!

Photo provided by Jessica Taylor

Photo provided by Jessica Taylor

The last 6-8 months of Terry’s life seemed “normal” for all intents and purposes. Terry was living within the areas of Nunez, Metter and Swainsboro, Georgia. He was working construction with James Kirby, hanging out with friends and family and seemed to be settling down a little. But within this “normal” life, Terry had a shadow on his back that few knew about. Two to three months before his death, Terry was assaulted while walking down the street to visit his sister, Jeannie. Allegedly, a guy was driving by, hollering obscenities at Terry and threw a bottle at him. The bottle struck Terry’s head and left a nasty gash. Terry got to Jeannie’s house and she fixed him up as best as she could. According to Jeannie, Terry told her, “If I ever end up dead, it will not be an accident.” Terry told her that he had a couple people “on him that wanted him gone”. Jeannie, of course, questioned her brother relentlessly about his statements. She wanted to know what was going on and who wanted to hurt him. But Terry wouldn’t talk anymore about it. He didn’t want her to worry. He just wanted her to be aware of the situation.

Photo provided by Jeannie Ellis

The last two months of Terry’s life went by without incident. He seemed happy. His life seemed routine and natural. But the weekend before his death, that dreadful shadow emerged. He spent the weekend of April 12th with Jessica Taylor and a couple of their friends, which included one of his previous foster brothers. They stayed at the house that Jessica’s father owned. The weekend was typical with the exception of a late night conversation Terry had with Jessica and another friend. He expressed how much their love and friendship meant to him. He reminisced about the past and thanked them for always being there when he needed them the most. It almost seemed like a final goodbye. Terry was questioned about this. He was asked if everything was alright and given support if he needed it. But Terry, as usual, didn’t want anyone worrying about him. He ended the night with saying he just wanted them to know how he felt and how grateful he was. Could Terry have know of the impending doom that awaited him? Did he expect someone to come after him within the next week or so? Did he know a sort of count down had begun?

Photo provided by Jeannie Ellis

Terry spoke with a friend that following Tuesday or Wednesday and confirmed that he would return to Jessica’s that weekend following a festival he planned to attend.

Here is where the water gets muddy. According to friends and family, Terry was getting a ride to the Redbreast Festival in Midville, GA with James Kirby. They stopped to let Terry get cleaned up and change clothes before heading to the festival around 2pm. Terry enjoyed his time at the festival. There was good music, tailgating, good food and drinking. Terry called Jessica around 8:30pm to say he was having a good time and wanted to hang out a bit longer and then would be on his way to her house. Details get murky from this point.

According to witnesses, there was a fight between Terry and James Kirby. During the fight, someone called the police. The Midville PD arrived at the festival and told the guys to go their separate ways. I haven’t found an incident report and can assume no report was made due to the fight being broken up and the gentlemen leaving. No injuries were reported and no charges were filed. Terry left walking down Hwy 56 some time between 9-9:30pm. (Sadly, Mr. Kirby has since passed away. I’m not sure how he passed. I know he was questioned by the police at the time.) The timeline gets really hazy here. It would’ve taken about an hour to an hour and a half for Terry to reach the Prong Creek bridge, located a few miles outside Swainsboro, GA. Around 6:30am two hunters, a father and son, found Terry dead in the middle of the road on 56. They called 911 and waited for police to get there.

From what I’ve gathered of the crime scene and Terry’s injuries, it looks like more than just a hit and run. There was a great deal of blood at the location of Terry’s body in the road and about 19 or so feet of a blood trail. He was very bruised and battered. The other injuries are absolutely horrendous. There was a pool of blood in the middle of the road, where his body was originally. Then there was a blood trail about 19 feet long leading back towards Midville. The entire crime scene was about 85 ft, according to one report. His green backpack, cellphone and gold cross necklace were missing. Here is a diagram to better explain the scene.

Crappy drawing provided by me

The individual that struck Terry after his death was cleared and also passed a polygraph. In my opinion, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of an original hit and run though. And speaking of that, a woman later told Jeannie that as far as she knew, Terry was thrown from the back of a truck going down Hwy 56! Even more mysterious is the fact that Jessica Taylor received a phone call that night, at 3am, from a previous foster brother of Terry saying that there had been an accident and Terry was dead! Now tell me this…how in the hell did this person know Terry was dead before he was even found by the hunters at 6:30am?!? How? This person knew at least 3 1/2 hours before Terry was even found that he was already dead! Jessica Taylor went immediately into panic mode! She called every hospital, jail and Sheriff’s department she could think of trying to find Terry. For two hours she called every single place within a 100 mile radius of Midville, GA. Jeannie was informed early that morning about the death of her brother and had the dreadful responsibility of telling her entire family.

Photo provided by Jeannie Ellis

There was a viewing for Terry before he was cremated. The day of the service was hard on his family and friends. But one oddity happened that day. A gentleman in a black dodge pick up truck parked across the street from the funeral home and stared for at least 45 minutes. Several of Terry’s friends began to grow agitated and yelled at the driver demanding his name and reason for being there. As soon as they took off after the gentleman, he sped off. Over the next few weeks several of Terry’s friends tried to find out what happened to him. They asked questions and searched high and low for anything that made sense pertaining to his death. One of his friends received a threatening phone call while at work. The mysterious caller simply stated, “Stop digging or you’ll end up just like Terry!” Eventually it started to look like they would never get answers.

Days, weeks, months and years have gone by with no definite answers. Over the years there have been several people that have gotten upset with Jeannie for continuously asking questions. Some people have offered up information only to give a sliver of info and then go silent.

Photo provided by Jeannie Ellis

Photo provided by Jeannie Ellis

Photo provided by Jeannie Ellis

Photo provided by Jeannie Ellis

Photo provided by Jeannie Ellis

Below are reports of evidence collected, the medical examiner’s report, autopsy report and Terry’s death certificate.

All documents provided by Jeannie Ellis
  • Breakdown of Terry’s last day alive:
    1. 12:30-1:30pm- Terry, riding with James Kirby, stopped at a friend’s house to clean up and change clothes.
      2:00pm- Terry arrived at the festival.
      8:30pm- Terry called Jessica Taylor to say he was staying a little longer and then would head to her house. (He seemed happy and fine.)
      8:30-9:30- The fight occurred, police were called and Terry left the festival walking down Hwy 56 towards Swainsboro. (The screenshots above, showing the messages between Jeannie and the woman, mention the fight being witnessed. Others have come forward saying they witnessed the fight as well.) I also want to mention that Terry walking was not uncommon at all. He tended to walk everywhere he went.
      3:00am- The phone call from the past foster brother to Jessica Taylor. He stated that, “there had been an accident and Terry was dead”. How did he know before 3am? Did someone call and inform him? Was he present during Terry’s death? Was he involved in any way? He has been asked several times over the last 17 years by Jessica and others how he knew that information but has never given an answer.
      6:00-6:15am- A woman returning home from work struck Terry while he was lying in the middle of the road. She thought she had hit a deer. It has been presumed that Terry was already deceased. I do believe he was already dead at that point.
      6:30am- The father and son hunters find Terry dead in the road and call 911.

    Things that make me believe Terry was murdered:

    1. The assault on Terry a couple months before his death and his conversation with Jeannie about someone wanting to get rid of him. He even mentioned that, in the event of his death, it would not be an accident.
    2. The “final goodbye” conversation with his friends the weekend before his death.
    3. The fight at the festival. Why? What was it about? We all know festival + drinking alcohol + fighting = disaster. Did the fight continue after Terry left the festival?
    4. The time frame after leaving the festival. If you consider the 3am phone call of his death, that means 9:30pm-3:00am (5 1/2 hours) is unaccounted for. Hwy 56 is pretty well traveled on a Saturday night. If this was only a hit and run, someone would’ve definitely seen him before 6:30am! Was he picked up by someone within the time frame? And we have to remember that Jeannie was told that Terry was thrown from the back of a truck! Who picked him up and threw him out? I have received statements from people about this and I have to say that they all match! Hmmmm….
    5. Terry’s green backpack, cellphone and gold cross necklace were not at the scene. Terry always carried that backpack. We know he had his cellphone because he used it to call Jessica from the festival. He never removed his necklace. So where are these items?
    6. Looking back at the screenshots above, who did the woman see driving the truck? Why was she so upset? What does she know about that night? And why stop talking to Jeannie before giving all the information?
    7. The 3am phone call. This boggles the hell out of me! How did the past foster brother know Terry was dead 3 1/2- 4 hrs before the body was found? Did he receive a call about it? Did he do it? Was he in on it? Why won’t he talk about it to anyone?
    8. The strange man in the pickup truck at the funeral home is sketchy. Why show up at a viewing and park across the street just to sit and stare for almost an hour?
    9. The strange, threatening phone call received by one of Terry’s friends. Who was it and why did he want him to stop looking into Terry’s death?

    Hopefully this case will be solved very soon! We are working very hard to bring those responsible for Terry’s murder to justice. I want to thank Jeannie Ellis for answering that first phone call and not hanging up! She really put her faith in me on this. She dealt with all my phone calls and constant questions! She’s been fighting for her brother for years, constantly hitting wall after wall after wall. But she never gave up. She pushed through all the obstacles and people that constantly bashed her online. Thanks for never giving up and allowing me into your life!

    If you have any information about this case please call one of the following numbers.

    Jeannie- 912-314-6540

    Emanuel County Sheriff’s Dept- 478-237-7526 Lead Investigator David McVey

    Justice for Jonathan Swierski

    Photo obtained from Dawn Swierski

    July 6, 2019 marked the beginning of a dark and tragic rollercoaster for the Swierski family. They received the devastating news that their son, Jonathan, had been shot and killed.

    Jonathan, age 20, is described by all as a loving son, loyal friend, great football player, protective big brother and hard worker. He was dedicated to the ROTC program and had plans to join the military. Jonathan worked with his father, Mr. Scott Swierski, daily. Mr. Swierski loved working side by side with his son and had plans of passing down his business to Jonathan one day.

    Photo provided by Dawn Swierski

    His mother, Mrs. Dawn Swierski, cherished every moment with her son. She still shared precious mother/son moments with Jonathan, like cutting his hair. She was very proud of the young man Jonathan had become and had high hopes for his future.

    Photo provided by Dawn Swierski

    Jonathan also had a special bond with his little sister, who he lovingly called his “baby girl”. He absolutely adored her and spent as much time as possible with her. He proved to be very protective of her and even wrote of her frequently in his journal at school.

    Photo provided by Dawn Swierski

    But everything changed on that dreadful night in July. Their lives were turned upside down and inside out.

    On the night of July 6, 2019, Jonathan received a phone call from a friend saying that he was being threatened and a fight was about to happen. He asked Jonathan to come help. Being the loyal, loving friend he was, Jonathan immediately agreed to aid his friend. Jonathan explained the situation to his girlfriend, Lacey Horne, and two other buddies that were at his house at the time. All four decided to go help. Upon arriving at the Paces Pointe Apartment Complex, details get a little hazy.

    Photo obtained from Fox 46 news report

    According to Dawn Swierski, Jonathan spotted a guy at the playground of the complex. He exited the vehicle to approach the unknown man. As Jonathan was headed towards the playground, his girlfriend goes to the apartment of the friend that called for help. Jonathan’s friend that drove them there got out of the car with a loaded shotgun and a few extra shells in his pocket. (From here on he will be referred to as The Shooter)

    Photo obtained by Fox 46 news report

    As The Shooter approached the playground, Jonathan was already engaged in a fight with the unknown man. According to The Shooter’s 911 call, the stranger hit him and the gun went off.

    Jonathan was shot at very close range in the chest. Law enforcement arrived on the scene and found Jonathan deceased.

    North Carolina law states that pointing a gun and accidentally shooting someone is considered involuntary manslaughter. For reasons I don’t understand, Matthews PD declared Jonathan’s death an accident within a week or so even though the medical examiner ruled his death a homicide. The case was then turned over to the Mecklenburg County DA’s office.

    The Swierski family felt a sense of hope in August 2019 when Brad Smith weighed in with his opinion. Smith, a Charlotte criminal defense attorney, reviewed the case and the 911 call. He stated, “There’s a large difference between what’s reckless and what’s an accidental act.”

    Screenshot from Fox 46 interview

    Getting hit again with gruesome news in September 2019 was hard on the Swierski family. The DA’s office made an announcement that no charges would be filed against The Shooter.

    Dawn Swierski has reached out to several media outlets and such to get justice for her son. She has worked and fought so hard to bring this case to light. I stand with her in this fight! Bringing a loaded shotgun to a possible fist fight is absolutely reckless and irresponsible. If I’m not mistaken, the attorney, Mr. Smith, made a comment about the stranger on the playground hitting The Shooter could be charged too. And what about the so-called friend that called Jonathan over in the first place?? Instead of simply locking his apartment door or calling the police or perhaps handling his own battles…he called Jonathan. He didn’t, to my knowledge, leave his apartment to come help Jonathan. He was in his apartment avoiding all the mess while Jonathan was engaged in a fight and being shot. And what about other cases in North Carolina that ended in involuntary manslaughter? Why does this case get dismissed?

    Clipping from

    Clipping from

    We will continue to fight for Jonathan. We will seek justice for this young man who was stripped from this world over reckless and irresponsible behavior.

    Please show your support for Jonathan’s family on Facebook

    Photo obtained from Dawn Swierski

    Keaton Jones

    I’m sure, by now, everyone has seen or heard about the bullying video of Keaton. It sparked an “I STAND WITH KEATON” movement on social media. Several movie stars and famous athletes have responded to the little boy. They have all offered words of encouragement and invited him to games and movie premiers.

    Recently Joe Schilling, an MMA fighter, reached out to Keaton and his family. He expressed that he’d love to meet Keaton and his family and even invited Keaton to L.A. to watch an MMA fight. The series of messages that came next, screen shots taken by Schilling, were a bit shocking! Keaton’s mother, or someone claiming to be her, apparently only wanted money due to “not being rich” and even made comments along the lines of “us white people sticking together.” What the hell? There is a GoFund me account, presumably by the Jones family, that has raised roughly $60,000 but it has been suspended due to these claims. I read this morning that Schilling has removed his video due to backlash of not knowing whether this was the real Mrs. Jones he was messaging. But still…it’s a shame we live in a world where we have to question things like this. We have to question the “truth” people speak and their motives. It’s sad.

    Setting this controversy aside…I really hope this child gets help from his school and community if he’s being bullied. I also hope we all learn to stand together against shit like this!

    Anderson Cooper claims Twitter hack

    Anderson Cooper is claiming his Twitter account was hacked after he posted an Anti-Trump tweet!

    The tweet referred to President Trump as a “tool” and a “pathetic loser.” Hmmm…

    One has to wonder if Cooper’s Twitter was really hacked by someone or if Cooper himself was hacked…possibly by a bottle of Jack or Jim! Just sayin’!

    All the “Twitter wars” are rather comical in my opinion.

    Steve Stephens


    I have been following the story on Steve Stephens, 37,  since Easter Sunday.  It has been so confusing as to why this man decided to turn his life into one of chaos and murder.  On Sunday, he shot and killed 74 year old Robert Godwin, Sr. while videoing the entire act.  He posted the video to his Facebook account and then did a live stream confessing to and discussing the murder.  It was a seemingly random murder and Stephens blamed his actions on a woman named Joy Lane.  Cleveland police issued a $50,000 reward for information leading to his capture and arrest and the FBI added him to the ‘Most Wanted’ list.  Pennsylvania State Police spotted Stephen’s car this morning in Erie as he left a McDonald’s.  After a short pursuit and trying to get him to pull over, Stephens stopped his car across from an elementary school and shot and killed himself.

    I’m guessing all the facts and little unknown secrets about this man will come to light within the week, but it is still so unnerving!  In one of the live streams he did on Monday, he confessed to killing 13 people.  He gave locations and street names as well.  Now, I’m not saying he did or didn’t commit any other murders but I find it very possible.  He didn’t seem to hesitate when shooting Mr. Godwin on Sunday.  This seemed to be an act he had committed before.  He was calm, collected and didn’t seem to mind taking another individual’s life.  I’ve read reports that say his sexuality played a key role in him deciding to go on this rampage.  Others say it’s from the breakup with his girlfriend.  Perhaps they are tied together.  What are your thoughts???

    Regardless of the ‘why’… crimes connected to social media seem to be on the rise these days.  People are committing terrible crimes and going live on Facebook or uploading the terrible videos they’ve made.  I just don’t understand.  Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this particular incident as well as others that have ended up on social media.  Thanks for reading!