The Murder of Vann Brown

Vann Brown was senselessly murdered at the age of 39 while attending a wedding and reception on Dec 31, 2019/Jan 1, 2020. The event was held at 1200 Woodrow Harper Rd in Ambrose, GA, which is the home of Jeffrey Harper. The cause of death is said to be asphyxiation resulting from multiple blunt force trauma. You may ask yourself, how does a wedding reception end with a murder and you wouldn’t be alone asking such a question. Weddings are supposed to be blissful and full of smiles and laughter. This one, however, turned ugly with lots of anger, intoxication and murder.

Due to the current trials of this case, the information I’ve received from eyewitnesses won’t be on this post, either at all or in their entirety. I do not want to compromise the trials and am hopeful justice will be served. After verdicts are rendered I’ll do an additional post to include everything I have. Please understand that I just want justice for Vann and have no intention of dangling anything over anyone’s head. With that being said, let’s get to it!

Vann was attending the reception of Travis and Sara Heidenreich. At some point, after midnight, Vann was supposedly ordered to leave the event. Evidence during Justin Anderson’s trial, an interview video of Justin and GBI Agent Seacrist, shows Justin saying that Kelli Harper, Jeffrey’s wife, was yelling for people to get Vann off her property. He stated that she was accusing Vann of groping girls and even flirting with her. Justin claimed that he, Jason Anderson and Cam Coffee escorted Vann up the hill some 200 yards to his truck. Within a short amount of time, Jeffrey Harper and others were storming towards Vann. Cam Coffee testified that Vann argued back with Jeffrey Harper and Morgan Lewis about halfway to his truck. Coffee claims that when Vann reached his truck he cussed and was reaching for his gun. He then threw Vann to the ground, causing an injury to himself that rendered him unable to walk at the time.

Now, I have to throw my two cents in here! No one I’ve spoken with has mentioned Vann being inappropriate at all during that evening. In fact, most people have mentioned the lack of clothing worn by the young women, the way those women were acting and the amount of alcohol Jeffrey Harper and several other men had consumed since around noon that day. How much and which statements are true? Decide for yourself. Here are a couple of still shots taken from the wedding video that is posted on YouTube and a picture retrieved off social media.

Vann Brown looking confused, in my opinion. It’s almost like he’s being accused of something. The woman he’s looking at resembles Kelli Harper, but I don’t know that for sure.
A still shot from the wedding video on YouTube. Vann is talking to a gentleman that I was told is possibly JP Harper. Again, I’m not 100% sure who Vann is speaking with.
Another still shot from the wedding video. A few watch as he walks away. Why? I have no idea. It just struck me as odd.
And another still shot. The guy in the white ball cap seems to be talking with someone as Vann looks on. I was told the woman standing next to Vann is Kelli Harper, but I honestly don’t know for sure.

Ok, so let’s get back to Vann being on the ground. According to the testimony of Annsley Coffee, someone came to the reception tent saying someone had been shot, possibly Cam Coffee. Naturally, she took off toward the scene. She said, upon arriving, Vann was on his back with Jeffrey Harper sitting on his torso. She also stated that Justin Anderson was holding Vann’s left arm down and Jason Anderson was holding his right arm down. There were, to her, two unknown men holding down Vann’s legs. As she got closer to Vann, she ordered everyone off him. She pushed Jeffrey Harper out of the way and knew immediately that Vann was dead. She claimed his pupils were dilated, no pulse and was blue in color. There was blood all around his head and Matt Lewis was carrying a bent baton.

Two cents time again! I’ve got to be careful here because I’ve been told and shown a great deal that gives me a pretty narrowed down timeline of these events. And if it hasn’t been released publicly, I don’t want to risk anything delaying or sabotaging the trials. Everyone knows Vann was short. Most of the men that have been arrested tower over him. Vann never got his hands on a gun. Never! Previous testimony proves that and Daniel Anderson, supposedly, got Vann’s gun and put it in his truck. Law enforcement retrieved it from his truck that night. (EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that I made a mistake! No excuse for it. I should’ve double checked facts! There was a gun retrieved from Daniel’s truck, but Kelli Harper actually turned over Vann’s gun to law enforcement.)So, with NO WEAPON, the assumed intention to leave the property and his size…it took 5 men to hold Vann down, beat him and ultimately cause his death??? “Excessive” doesn’t even begin to describe this horrible crime. And the bent baton?? Vann had two wounds to the top of his head caused by the baton. Matt Lewis testified that Justin Anderson told him to get rid of the baton. He took it to the woods and hid it under some pine straw. The following day Matt told law enforcement about the baton and what he did with it. So again, it took all these men to do this and claiming they only acted because he had a gun, that he in fact NEVER HAD? I just don’t buy it. I can’t. There’s more to it. There’s rumors going around and I have to tell ya, a couple of them kinda add up.

Matt Lewis plead guilty for hiding the baton. Charges were dropped on Jay Turk, which I don’t agree with. Justin Anderson was found not guilty of murder and aggravated assault and guilty of making false statements and tampering with evidence. I don’t agree with that verdict either!

Above are the mugshots of those arrested initially. Now, 911 was called at 12:50am. It was too late. Vann had already succumbed to the brutal hell he was put through in that short span of time. I don’t have much that I can share about the time after law enforcement arrived on scene except there seems to be a chunk of time the accused had to themselves instead of being hauled in immediately. I don’t think this was handled 100% professionally due to Harper’s name, his money and that good ol’ boy system. I think some people were held there until around 5am or so, including Vann’s body. But I have to say, the new development and arrest of Joey Anderson, the father of Justin and Jason, has eased my worries some. Mr Anderson attempted to tamper with the jury in his son’s trial.

The wedding video. Feel free to watch and pause frequently during the reception to look at everyone. Some things look odd…

I believe Jason Anderson’s trial is set for July 31st and Jeffrey Harper’s is set for August 29. I honestly hope for justice for Vann and his friends and family. They’ve been through hell and deserve closure.

At the end of the day, I’m glad there have been arrests made and trials underway. I just still think there’s more to this than Vann being accused of flirting and told to leave, tempers flared and tragedy unfolded. I wonder if there was something beforehand that happened and caused hostility. I’ll be sure to add an additional post in the future. And remember, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I’ve made no remarks about who I think is responsible for anything. I just stated that it doesn’t add up to me, I don’t agree wholeheartedly with dropped charges and the last verdict and I don’t understand it taking that many men to subdue one individual.

Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to speak with me. I really appreciate your help and dedication to Vann and his family.