Terry “Bubba” Rewis Update #1

Finding those responsible for Terry’s murder has been quite a journey. There is now an updated timeline, that I will include below, plus several pieces of crucial information given by witnesses that have come forward. As always, those who have shared their information and given statements will remain completely anonymous. I will also include information about those responsible and point out certain aspects that show that this is indeed a homicide case.

Updated timeline of Terry’s final hours

~April 20, 2002 @ 12:30-1:30pm- Terry, along with James Kirby, stop to clean up, change clothes and head to the Redbreast Festival.

~2:00pm- They arrive at the festival and Terry meets up with his girlfriend.

~5:30pm- Terry’s girlfriend leaves the festival to go to work. She has verified that Terry had his cellphone, backpack and gold cross necklace in his possession.

~8:30pm- Terry calls Jessica Taylor to confirm their plans after the festival.

~9:30pm- Terry and James Kirby fight. Several witnesses have come forward about seeing the fight and corroborate the fact that both gentlemen were asked to the leave the festival. Terry begins walking down Hwy 56 at this time.

~10:30pm- Witnesses see Terry walking near the little country store on Hwy 56 in Summertown.

~11:00-11:30pm- Terry is picked up by several men in a pickup truck. A fight begins, with Terry being outnumbered by absolute cowards, and lasts for a couple miles in the back of the truck. Finally, as Terry is getting the upper hand on them, they panic and throw him over the side of the truck as it is speeding down the highway. The driver then proceeds to back up over Terry, while his belongings are collected, and then speeds forward striking him again.

~April 21, 2002 @ 12 midnight- The past foster brother goes home crying to his mom about what he has been an accomplice to. He spends his time panicking and making phone calls about Terry’s murder.

~1:30am- Terry’s girlfriend is informed of his death and picked up from work. She is told nothing other than “Terry was in an accident and has died”.

~3:00am- The past foster brother calls Jessica Taylor. He informs her that Terry has been in an accident and has passed away. Jessica begins making phone calls to hospitals and such trying to find Terry to validate the previous phone call.

~6:30am- Terry’s body is finally discovered (7-7 1/2 hours AFTER his murder). Two hunters come upon Terry’s body in the middle of Hwy 56 and call 911.

~6:52am- Terry is pronounced dead at the scene.

~9:30am- The first family member (Terry’s sister, Jeannie) is informed of his death.

It seems that at least 6 cowards possibly had a hand in this. I’ve given each of the gentlemen a lovely nickname since their actual names haven’t been publicly released yet.

1. Mr. Foster Brother- This one has major jealousy issues. He has spent his life walking in the shadows of others, especially Terry. He likes to lie and brag about things he’s never done. He has a very hard time keeping a partner and feels everyone owes him something. He has actually been spoken to about Terry’s murder and came up with a whopping 3 lies in less than 5 minutes! The last thing he wanted to say about Terry’s murder was, “Just let the damn dead stay dead, in the ground and gone.” Sound likes a lovely person huh?

2. Mr. BM – No, it doesn’t stand for ‘bowel movement’. Although, he does remind me of a piece of shit. This guy likes to be in charge. He wants women to bow down to him and the men to fear him. He has had a history of abuse against women and some of those women have bravely come forward to discuss their experiences. He also took it upon himself, along with Mr. Chauffeur, to run one of Terry’s friends off the road one night after making several threatening phone calls.

3. Mr. Chauffeur- This one here likes to pretend he did nothing wrong. He thinks that he can lay low for almost two decades and this will “just go away”. I mean, all he did was drive…right? Wrong, he’s absolutely wrong. He’s gotten quite comfortable over the years pretending this was swept under the rug. But little does he know, people have come forward with his name and his laid back life is going to take a drastic turn!

4. Mr. Teardrop Transgressor- This guy…this damn guy. I almost have to giggle at this one. He likes to pretend he’s a good guy that just happens to make bad decisions. He also likes to make threatening phone calls thinking that’ll stop this case from moving forward and getting arrests made. Ha! He talks a tough game and inks himself up so he looks intimidating.

5. Mr. Pretend Patriarch- This idiot pretends to “help” with information while thinking that lending assistance will throw you off. He plays the daddy role like he actually has a heart and cares for other human beings, but he really only cares about himself. He even throws other people under the bus in order to attempt to clear his name.

6. Mr. Stock Car- This one here has been quiet. He has burned a few bridges and tried to keep to himself in hopes that distance will keep him out of a case file. It hasn’t worked though. He is a fighter who doesn’t mind throwing the first punch and always insists on throwing the last. He hopes his reputation will hinder anyone asking questions and such. That hasn’t worked either though.

I guess Mr. Teardrop Transgressor doesn’t mind admitting he’s a drunk and a fool.
Seems like Mr. Foster Brother likes to live in denial about his own lying issues. But I guess being a narcissist makes him point out other people’s faults and not his own!
Here’s where the jealousy and pity party come in for Mr. Foster Brother

Here are some maps to provide you with a better visual than what was in the last post. My drawing skills are horrible, so I figured this time it would be better to actually print out a map and add pins so you could get a better idea of where this happened, the short distance covered during this tragedy and how close to Terry’s body these cowards lived at the time.

The top point shows the location of the Redbreast Festival. The middle point shows the location of the country store where Terry was last seen alive. The bottom point shows where Terry’s body was found.
The red pins represent where the cowards lived at that time in 2002. The green pin is where Terry was found. Kinda morbid when you think how close they all were while he was lying dead in the middle of the highway huh?

Facts to prove this was murder:

1. The assault and conversation in the months preceding Terry’s death- As you may recall from the first post, Terry was assaulted a few months before he died. He was walking to his sister’s house when someone pulled up along side him and threw a bottle that caused a severe laceration to his head. As he was being tended to, Terry told his sister about the possibility of people coming after him and killing him. He wanted her to know that whatever happens would NOT be an accident.

2. Terry’s “final goodbye” to his friends- The weekend before his murder was a somber time. Terry spent an evening expressing his gratitude to his friends for always being there for him and making him feel loved. He wanted them to know they were important to him and that he cherished his time with them. I firmly believe that he knew something bad was going to take place soon. He had to have an idea of the tragedy waiting around the corner.

3. The updated timeline- The new timeline has much more information and fills in the time throughout that final night. Mr. Foster Brother still plays a huge role. The fact that he knew of Terry’s murder and began telling people immediately puts him right in the middle of the crime. He actually began telling people 7-7 1/2 hours before Terry’s body was even found!

4. The missing items- Terry always had his cellphone, backpack and gold cross necklace with him. These items were missing from the crime scene. Now, riddle me this…how many times have you heard of a hit and run happening where the driver stops their vehicle, backs up and collects items off the deceased? Go ahead, I’ll wait……… Yea, I’ve never heard of it either. This wasn’t just some hit and run. Someone didn’t accidentally hit Terry Rewis, stop his/her car and steal items off his dead body. Hit and run offenders hit someone and take off immediately. This was a murder and those involved took these items before hitting him with the truck and leaving. They thought he had money in the backpack, wanted to remove anything that may contain evidence from the fight and figured the cellphone would have incriminating calls or text messages.

5. 6 POI’s (persons of interest) + witness statements- Throughout the course of this investigation, I’ve gathered evidence and statements that show six cowardly men were involved in Terry’s murder. These men have inhaled fresh air for almost two decades without a thought of the crime they committed all those years ago. And another thing that bothers me is the fact that some individuals close to them have known all these years and never came forward to do the right thing.

6. Mr. Teardrop Transgressor has gotten a little worried and antsy now that his involvement has been brought out in the open. He has called Terry’s sister, Jeannie, just to let her know he’s around. He and another convict even tried the tactic of calling Jeannie with an elaborate story to attempt to make her throw in the towel. I guess when the going gets tough the cowards try and scare others into silence.

7. Location, motive and opportunity- As you can see on the map, location played a key role here. They were all in the area and with the festival going on, all were pretty much together. Motive is simple. Jealousy took over two of them, one was mad because he didn’t get his way and they all loved to fight. Opportunity was all too easy with the festival going on as well. Terry left walking down Hwy 56 and it was well know he walked everywhere he went. Finding him wouldn’t have been hard to do by any means. Mr. BM simply rounded up his posse of losers and went after Terry without a second thought.

As we approach the 18th year of this wicked murder, I hope all the knowledge gained in this case will soon bring complete closure to Terry’s family. Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Terry’s mother. She is still suffering and yearns for the day those responsible will be put behind bars and her son is finally set free.

As always, please feel free to call or message with any information you may have related to Terry’s murder. I can promise that you will stay anonymous.

To those responsible: I can also make you a promise. I promise that your day is coming. I refuse to give up and let you continue living outside those steel bars.

Morgan Lane (912) 349-9844

Lead Investigator David McVey (478) 237-7526