Life happens.  It’s messy and beautiful at the same time. There are times of struggle and times filled with laughter.  I try to embrace it all with open arms… well, I’m trying to embrace it all with open arms and sometimes I find that my teeth are clenched.

This blog is my outlet.  It includes my personal experiences, parenthood, family, laughter, drama, sorrow, current events (due to being very opinionated), Army life, hobbies, conspiracies (because I’m a sucker for a good conspiracy), movies, books and anything else I can think of.  I’m honest and tend to speak my mind.  I guess that’s where the “attitude” part comes in.

I was born and raised in Georgia.  I have the southern accent and it definitely comes out in my writing.  So, please excuse the writing style and southern drawl.  I hope you enjoy all the craziness I’ve brought to the party!  Welcome to my Life and Lemons!

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